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farmhouse visitor center

  The Farmhouse is located just in front of the dairy barns and creamery building.  There is plenty of parking available near the farmhouse including two handicap accessible spots next to the Farmhouse entrance ramp.

We have ended our summer schedule and the historic farmhouse Visitor Center is now open only on Saturdays from Noon until 4pm.  Call us if you would like to arrange for the Farmhouse to be open and we will work to accommodate your request.

Volunteers staff the Farmhouse and are available to answer questions.  Trail maps are available in the Visitor Center, the Farmhouse entryway, and the trailhead kiosk for a suggested $1 donation.

Inside the Farmhouse Visitor Center are exhibits on bird migration, wildlife found on the Refuge, and the history of the Creamer’s Dairy.  There is also a small gift shop located in the Visitor Center carrying an array of nature-themed and locally made items.

Water is available in the Farmhouse and bathrooms are located near the picnic area.

TRAILS and VIEWING AREAS                        Refuge Trail Map

The trails, viewing areas, and viewing platforms are always open.  During bird migration periods the fields are closed and all visitors must stay on the trails.  Dogs should always be leashed.

Information on trails, programs and events, and membership can be found in the Farmhouse entryway which is always open or the main trailhead kiosk near the Farmhouse.

e Boreal Forest Trail reconstruction and enhancement is now complete.  A generous donation from ConocoPhillips made this project possible.  Our thanks to both ConocoPhillips and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on the successful completion of the Boreal Forest Trail reconstruction.

Additional information on Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website:



  Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge is a 2,000 acre state owned wildlife refuge located in Fairbanks, Alaska just north of the city center on College Road.  The pastoral focal points of the Refuge are the historic dairy buildings and the farm fields which now are used exclusively by migrating waterfowl and other wildlife.  The Refuge also boasts wetland habitat and boreal forest habitat which are easily explored by miles of well-maintained walking trails.  The Creamer’s Field trail system is open year-round and multi-use trails are groomed throughout the winter.  In addition to the trails, there are viewing platforms around the margins of the fields as well as a Visitor Center and gift shop located in the historic Farmhouse.

   To reach the Refuge from College Road, turn North at the Danby Road intersection and follow the road in front of the Department of Fish and Game Administration building toward the front field viewing area.  Turn north on Creamer’s Lane to reach the Farmhouse Visitor Center and the main trailhead.

  Ample car and RV parking are available near the Farmhouse, along Creamer’s Lane, and in the front field viewing area.

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